This captioning system is still in beta.

Depending on how well this works and how much abuse it takes, I might eventually put my whole site (all the pictures) on this system.

Warning!!!: All of these captions are presented unabridged and unedited! Some of these captions may be excessively crude or even *gasp* unfunny. If you are easily offended, this is your warning to turn back now.

These captions are meant only as satire, no reference to reality is implied.


As inspiration strikes, add a caption below each picture.

All captions are presented in order from highest to lowest score -- Best to Worst (or maybe just newest). At any time, you can click Vote next to your favorite caption. If its score passes that of the next highest caption, it moves up the next time the page is loaded.
Enough talk, give it a try!

BTW, if you're using Internet Explorer, hit F11 for more screen space.