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Do you support the war in Iraq?

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04/14/2004 Tons of new pics!
I'm trying out a new system that makes the pics sections fullscreen. So, there should be no more need to scroll down. (Hit F11 in Netscape to get it competely fullscreen.)
Only catch is, you need to hit Alt+F4 to close it.
08/19/2003 Lots of new pics: 4th of July, Blue Angels Weekend, and hiking in the Ape Caves.
06/23/2003 Pics from the Las Vegas trip are up.
11/20/2002 New pics added: Camping trip to Mt. Hood, Oregon Coast, and Touring a Russian Sub in Seattle

Just added a few more pics to the Fiji '95 section.
Pics from Fratman's Classic and Dolphin Daze. More pics coming...

Update: New ones in Misc. Pics '98 too. Still more pics coming...

06/17/2002 Check out the Caption Section's new look!
Now you can bookmark picture pages and trade them with your friends!
04/18/2002 At long last, I've given my site a much needed facelift.
Tell me what you think of it in the Forum.
01/08/2002: New Message Board / Forum / Guestbook open for business!
It's so cool, you can even put in links and pictures.

Alright there, funny-guy, mister comedian, here's your shot:
Try your comedic prowess in my new Captions section. Pick a pic and add your comments. Simple.

11/28/2001: It snowed last night! First snow of the season.

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"A man is measured by the size of things that anger him."

- Geof Greenleaf






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