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This is the second generation of my website. It's going to be under heavy construction for awhile... but I am actually working on it right now. (I'm working on the functional side now, aesthetics come later.)

New Stuff:

01/08/2002 New Message Board / Guestbook open for business!
It's so cool, you can even put in links and pictures.

Alright there, funny-guy, mister comedian, here's your shot:
Try your comedic prowess in my new Captions section. Pick a pic and add your comments. Simple.

11/28/2001 It snowed last night! First snow of the season.

(Click a pic to enlarge)
11/01/2001: New stuff in the Genealogy section. Coming soon: Add your own captions!




Whenever CNN seems dull, just count your blessings. When I last updated this site, the world was a dull place. Somehow I just haven't felt like working on it for the last couple weeks.

Updates... Ok, I put on an updated version of my resume, that's about it for the moment. Too much content, too little time to devote to appearance.

9/9/2001: Well... this page for one... The MiscPics section has a new navigation system.

Coming soon: New GuestBook, Genealogy stuff, and TONS more pictures!